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Those who are ambitious and goal-oriented choose studying abroad. It is beneficial for you to acquire the required knowledge. It is also possible to acquire the skill of successfully overcoming challenges.


Our goal is to support Indian citizens who wish to study overseas at every stage of the process. The most well-known and reliable study visa advisor in India, Green Pastures Management Consultancy shapes students' futures. We offer the appropriate information and tried-and-true guidance to help emerging talent choose the proper route.

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  • Significantly expanding your horizons by studying abroad, you can get priceless life experience. You will gain maturity and the capacity to handle various difficulties.
  • Improving your opportunities for employment. You may attend some of the top schools and institutions in the world while studying overseas, earning credentials that will make you highly marketable even in a competitive employment market.
  • A wider selection of courses. There could be certain specialist courses that are offered at an international institution but are not in your native country.
  • Expand your group of professional contacts. You get to interact with students from all over the world when you attend a college or university that is international. You can meet new acquaintances who could serve as important contacts when you begin your career.
  • Successful GTI Visa applicants are granted permanent residency in Australia, allowing them to live, work, and study in the country. This pathway offers a fast track to permanent residency for individuals with exceptional talents.

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The following are the top destinations to study abroad:

In Australia, there are more than 1100 institutions and 22,000 courses offered. Because there are so many options, it is a popular place for a brief study visa stay.

There are international students in Australia at all levels, including primary, secondary, and vocational schools. Whatever the discipline, Australia encourages excellent academic standards and provides international students with protection.


Let's start by perfecting your application. After that, the duration of your stay would be five years based on your enrollment. However, depending on the region you are applying to, the time it takes to process your study visa application may vary.

Demonstrating both your acceptance by the Australian institute and your financial stability are crucial components of a successful application. Nonetheless, Green Pastures Management Consultancy is one of India's most well-known study visa advisors. With the full study visa application process, we can help.

The United States is a country that offers a combination of opportunities, financial balance, and cultural diversity. Additionally, it has a top-notch educational system that catches the attention of brilliant talents from across the world. It is a highly safe country to consider for studying abroad.


The United States offers a wide range of academic qualifications and courses vis its more than 4000 top-tier universities. There are excellent programs in the US renowned for their brilliance and are available on a study visa from the UAE.

Study visa to the USA has an option of an F-1 study visa. For tailored guidelines regarding USA student visas, you may contact the best study visa consultants in India like Green Pastures Management Consultancy.

The United Kingdom is generally regarded as the global leader in most academic programs, from undergraduate to doctoral levels. It enables you to customize your academic plan depending on your interests and requirements. Many of the world’s top universities are located there. Hence, students worldwide desire to obtain a UK study visa.


You can seek certification, a bachelor’s, a master’s, or a doctorate in the United Kingdom. Master’s degrees can take about two years to finish, whereas undergraduate courses can take between one and four years. As a result, the UK consistently ranks as one of the best countries for UAE students who want a state study visa.

One may be granted a study visa on the basis of identification evidence, proficient linguistics skills, and the appropriate funds to support the trip. While the professional support to set up your application efficiently, Green Pastures Management Consultancy is here in partnering as a top study visa consultant.

When it comes to education, obtaining a study visa to Canada is a lot of students’ dream from across the world. Because Canada is the most dominant place to learn. Its outlook will help students in wide cultural and innate confrontation.

Canada possesses 300,000 seats for overseas students. Nevertheless, a Canadian study visa needs admission proof from a Canadian institute. Other eligibility requirements may consist of evidence of financial funds, no criminal record, and a certificate of health examination.

The country has excitement and a life of better standards. If you are desiring to go, you may confidently choose Green Pastures Management Consultancy which is the best study visa consultant in India.

New Zealand is a rich pacific nation. Additionally, New Zealand is among the leading Anglosphere states regarded by the international index. It was ranked second in the Global Peace index in 2019. The country is a mixture of career opportunities and culture for students. Therefore, individuals desire to obtain a study visa for New Zealand.

The prerequisites may include a valid passport that proves your identity, and enough financial aid to show that you will fund your entire stay.


You may apply for a variety of countries and courses with the aid of study visa consultants. But we are aware that picking the correct one can be difficult and time-consuming. We offer a selection of the best colleges with programs that could be ideal for you. In the past, we have helped students get into the colleges of their dreams.

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Help is available with the application, supporting materials, and submission updates from the Green Pastures Management Consultancy staff. We lead students step-by-step and will keep assisting them in realizing and achieving their goals. Contact us right now to request a study visa!

Besides, Green Pastures Management Consultancy offers crucial assistance for visit visas, study visa, work permits, family visas, business immigration, skilled immigration, and permanent residencies to various states.

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